An Open Letter To The Lady That I Ticked Off At Walmart
These crazy times we are living in right now have us all a little on edge. Actually a little may be an understatement. Trust, I get it. As a former homeschool teacher (we all were last year), working mother and single mom of 3, I feel what everyone else is going through. We are all doing our very best to keep it together these days but what I went through recently with someone at Walmart was compl
Possible Bomb Found At The North Side Midland Walmart
According to NewWest 9, Midland Police were called out to Walmart located on Loop 250 and Midland Dr. in Midland about 1 a.m. Monday night/Tuesday morning. According to police, they encountered a suspicious male in the parking lot and searched his vehicle...
What Happens When You Go Shopping Outside of Texas
'We're not in Kansas anymore Toto!' I am totally used to walking into Walmart anywhere in Texas and seeing burnt orange or red and black. Ya feel me? It was crazy on my vacation to walk into 'wally world' and see nothing but Arkansas Razorbacks swag.
support the cause
B93's Children's Miracle Network Radiothon will be here soon, in November and while we hope that you are getting your donations ready, we also ask that you support all things CMN in the mean time.
walmart love
Walmart rules the world. LOL So, which state spends the most money at Walmart? And, where does Texas rank? Plus, you have to hear  the Walmart Greeter song. Leo and Rebecca discuss it below.        

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