So we have now reached the 6 weeks mark with Leo and Rebecca. We have been quarantined from each other for that long. So, I feel it's time to ask Rebecca 5 questions.

1) What's the thing you miss most about being at work with me?

Your coffee...I like the way you make the coffee.

2) What have you realized in the past 6 weeks being away from me?

That I can get use to being a stay at home mom.

3) What has been you attire during our show from home this past 6 weeks.

Pajama Pants.

4) What's the first thing your going to do when you see me?

Probably give you an 'Aye Aye'.. And I still won't hug you.... Social Distancing lol

5) Are you still going to wear pajamas when you return to the station?

Ummmm nope!