Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - So what are the rules when it comes to THROWING AWAY STUFF FROM YOUR EX? I'm in a new relationship and my LADY says I need to get rid of anything that was my Exe's! ??? Um, I don't get this stupid rule and why is she ON ME about it? Is it stuff SHE LEFT BEHIND or STUFF SHE GAVE ME or both? What the heck??

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Jennifer Lee Sanchez
I dont know
For me I would say throw away pictures and stuff for sure. But shit let me found out she got you an apple watch, tv , or something WE could use you better keep it !

Caröl Smith
Sounds to me like SHE needs to be tossed in the trash

Top Fan
Heather Adkins Butler
Oh for adult's sake‍♀️why does she know which "stuff" came from an ex? Not really something you needed to point out unless you were trying to make her jealous, just sayin...secondly, if you don't need it, then get rid of it? Simple, easy peasy...doesn… See More

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Ricky Barrientes
I'll just see myself to the door.

Ray Ray
Look, if something was given to me it's mine now! If something was left behind and no longer wanted by anyone, it's mine now. That's the way I see it! So, in the long run it sdoesn't matter if my ex use to won it or not. It's not theirs anymore and it's mine! And, what's mine is yours. That's what I would say to the new girlfriend.!

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