Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Every time I BUY new clothes my wife wants me to WASH THE CLOTHES before I wear them. I'm not going to LIE, I don't wash new clothes when I get them. She's says I'm gross. LOL, Am I the only one that DOESN'T wash their brand new clothes when I wear them for the first time???

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Ismael DjIce Arenivas
Actually, most people don't, but should wash them before wearing. From the manufacturer, then wearhouse, to retailer, all the shipping in between. People possibly trying on at retail level. Although you may not see or smell the clothes, they are dirty … See More
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Bee Ninetythree
· 57m
Tessa Rowell
Its not gross...just depends on the type of clothing.
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Orlando N Patricia Hinds
Does she rub an egg on your head cuz bitches gave you ojo? Superstitious people can be alot of fun to be in a relationship with😙
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Albert Tarango
Do they smell or have stains? As long as you can tell other people haven't tried them on first no need to wash. If you're wife wants them washed first she can do it!!
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Ricky Barrientes
New clothes itch.
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Kimberly Boyette
Sometimes a rinse definitely when clothes are for newborns. Who knows what they’ve been exposed too she’s just being clean❤️

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