Leo and Rebecca BUZZ Question - Guys, should I feel guilty that I HAVE A SCECRET STASH OF MONEY my husband doesn't know about. Been married under 1 year and I always have had one. Should I tell him?

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No problem my mom called it insurance money, that no matter what came up you had money on hand. My aunt called it mad money, most of which she would spend when mad at her husband.
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Staycy Arellano
Nope, nothing wrong with keeping it to yourself!
Goes for both ways.
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Darren Tryon
Unless you're on the same page with money, stash it or they'll grab it.
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Al-amin Farris
Its a good habit for a woman because its usually for family or husband eventually anyway. God bless my women being the stashers
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Carlos Serrano
Yes you should why hide that
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Ben Valdez
If its not a problem why hide it nothing wrong with having one but not as a secret
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Sammy Castaneda
Not really a problem.
Weird to have to hide $ but if your husband has a spending problem it’s probably good or could be handy later on. Sounds
Like possible trust issues though.


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