Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - I'm Dumping The Guy I'm Dating Because My DOG Doesn't Like Him! Trust, I have treid this situation, but it's a BIG NO from my dog and I'm sorry if it ain't going to work out with my dog it's not going to work out with him. My borther thiinks I'm crazy but I told him there are a lot of peeps that would do the same right?

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Dumbest #$it I ever heard

Luis M Memo
Erica Bermea Marina Bermea I can see this from both of yall lol

Erica Bermea
Luis M Memo welllllll ‍♀️

Reply as B93

Jenn E Carrillo
Yup. Children and animals have the best instincts when it comes to people.

Arleen Castillo
LET’EM GO!!!!!!

Darren Tryon
A dog can smell another dog. Listen to the puppy. ( That's why I wear expensive cologne)

Tessa Rowell
Your dog won't like any male. Good luck! Lol

Ernest L. Anzaldua
GIF may contain griffin, funny, family, guy, brian, mug, coffe, laugh and morning

Angel Borunda
If the pups ain't with it, he can't get it
May be an image of dog and grass

Top Fan
Ricky Barrientes
Id trust a dog over the dogs owner any day of the week.

Ray Ray
Yes, trust the dog! Men will come and go but your DOG will be the one the most faithfull things in your life!
Sorry not sorry! Dude can take a hike!

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