Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Guys, I've noticed that everytime I get in my man's truck he does something with his phone all the time. I asked him and he said "Oh, I'm, just turning off my BLUETOOTH so it doesn't bother" I'm not that TECH savy and I left it at that. What exactly happens when he turns off his bluetooth? Just wondering, because it's been happening a lot more lately.

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Chon Rodriguez
Sorry but I’d been done with that sucka. If you can’t have your phone open around your significant other why be in a relationship and hurt someone. I wouldn’t even ask just leave cause I’m 100% sure he hiding something.

Michelle Haney
Yeah something is up. He doesn’t want you to see who is calling or texting. Maybe he’s planning a good surprise.........but I’m not that optimistic. I would not be ok with it and would confront him about it.

Stacie DeLeon King
Basically, when his phone rings and Bluetooth is activated, you can see on the screen who is calling. Do with that information what you will.

Sammy Castaneda
Trust your gut, he’s hidin and doesn’t want you to see who pops up on his screen for text/call.

Top Fan
Justin Cotton
My wife leaves hers connected and it drives me crazy!

Orlando N Patricia Hinds
My truck does that. I can hear ppl talking but there is no two speaker for the caller to hear my voice. So I turn the radio off while I am using speakerphone on the actual cell phone.

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