So sometimes you see things for the first time in your life and you say Wow. So that happened today when I went on the lot and saw a really cool feature on a truck I had not seen personally up close. It was on the limited edition Longhorn Ram truck. So, as I'm walking up to the truck I see that on the sides of the truck bed they are lifted and folded up. Honestly, it reminded me of the DeLorean in Back to the Future LOL. You remember, the doors on that car would lift straight up. So, I got that feeling as I walked up to this Ram truck.

I Saw what it was and was totally impressed. I'm sure this isn't the first truck to have this but it was my first time seeing it and I thought it was awesome.

They are called Ram boxes . They are basically utility compartments built into the bed of the truck. Yeah they Rock! IT is part of the Ram Box Cargo Management System. And, they also have a 115 Volt AC outlet. So convenient for so many things. And these boxes make it easy to quick access to your tools or anything you want to keep in them. Camping stuff? Sure! Heck put some ICE and make it a cooler. I can also see where this would make for a GREAT work vechicle for a business who needs compartments like these! Very sweet. You can take a look at it at Dodge of Midland on Wall St.

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