What's going to be your Footwear this summer ?Temps are getting hot, in fact it's going to be 90° this Sunday here in the 432.

Sandals of course seem to rule the summer. I feel like it's not summer if I don't go out and buy a new pair of sandals. I mean I'm not wearing them to work but when we tall about summer footwear don't we always talk about shoes your wearing away from work!

Boat shoes are very popular as well for the summer days. Now I have several of these type of shoes and yes these are shoes that are very casual for the summer but still have a very day to day feel to them.

Well, while recently at Martin Boot Company in Odessa, I saw these sweet shoes. Theybare the HEY DUDES. I was told they are very popular right now. They said the very 'Casual' look of these and ease of them is what makes them popular especially in the summer.

So, I had to try some on and yes they were sweet. Very comfortable and felt like they were letting the feet breathe. Many different styles and colors as well.

Maybe you plan on going BAREFOOT this summer. Lol. I sure hope I'm barefoot a lot this isummer. Because, that would mean I'm chillin by some beach or lake.

Summet 2021 is just about here and we are ALL ready to get out and about. So, what's gonna be on your feet this summer?

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