Did you say free? Yep, I'm in!
Kent Kwik has just announced that they are giving away a FREE YEAR OF GAS!
Okay, you got my attention. I was reading their press release on this and it says...

1 Grand Prize Winner will win a free year of gas.

Where to ENTER

You can go to their website and ENTER FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN HERE!

Kent Kwik is doing this in conjunction with introducing some new coffee brands.
The press release states...

Over the last few weeks, Kent Kwik has introduced three new coffee blends into their stores. Doughnut Shop, a bright and
lively blend with caramel notes and a smooth finish. Italian Espresso Roast, a roast with exotic earthy flavors, a rich
chocolate overtone and a touch of cinnamon. One World Blend, a limited time only blend, rich and full-bodied with a floral
aroma and hints of dried black cherry, raisins, chocolate, and honey. These new blends are the perfect addtion to the
current House blend, Dark roast, Colombian blend, and Texas Pecan, a Kent Kwik exclusive blend.

I love flavored coffees and this is so up my alley.

Monday May 17th is when Kent Kwik will announce a winner for the Grand Prize 'Year of Gas Giveaway'.
Remember Kent Kwik offers DRIVE THRUS so you can conveniently grab your coffee on the go!
I feel like my favorite new flavor is going to be the One World Blend. Nothing is better than a cup of coffee to get you going in the morning. I know I need my fix.

Good luck on the free gas and way to go Kent Kwik and make sure to check out their website for all info and rules!

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