That ten thousand dollar stemi package tho! Monday through Friday on B93, beginning at 8 am, we give you a code word. Every hour at the top of the hour, you listen for the word, take it to the B93 app and enter the word for your chance to win up to $10,000! No need to keep checking your bank account and mailbox for a check, we got you. 

Can I tell you that in my mind I've already got that money spent? I mean I can't play and definitely can't win but what I can do is dream. lol Perhaps you will like any or all of my suggestions as to what you can do with that money when you win?

Things I would do with my stimi money if (I could play) I were to win on B93:

  • get myself some extensions-I've never had them so I'm curious as to how they would look on me-they look great on other ladies I've seen so let me splurge
  • I am long overdue for a massage
  • get the most expensive mani and pedi-did I hear champagne would be poured in my water? Bring it on, I've got the big bucks! lol
  • start planning a vacation-preferably to the place in the photo-The Bahamas-I'm ready to go back!
  • get ahead on monthly bills-I can be responsible too (sometimes)
  • buy myself some bling because why not?

I mean legit my list could go on for days but you get what I'm saying! You've got to play to win, so don't forget to listen for your daily, hourly cash code words on B93. This is where you enter the words when you hear them. Good luck, I want all of our listeners to be winners!

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