Help Us Light Up The 432 And Win $500
Tis the season, on this December 1st for Christmas decorations! Although for alot of people looking for a little Christmas cheer in 2020, many have had their trees, decorations and Christmas lights up for quite some time and you know what? We want to see them! Help us Light Up the 4-3-2 by sharing y…
Why I’m A Dodgers Fan! Go Dodgers!
Our fam is a baseball fam hands down. We love our baseball and even though we love all of our Texas teams, the very first MLB game my daddy ever took me to was an LA DODGERS game, back in the late 80's. I had a great experience at Dodger Stadium, I've eaten countless 'Dodger dogs'…
Check Out This Lotto Ticket!
I have to say I've never seen a lottery ticket this size in my life before this weekend!
I'm like a kid, I see something big and shiny and think 'ooooh I want one!' So $20 later I'm scratching away. What did I win you wonder?
Check Out How Fellow Texans Are Supporting The ‘Stros
Congrats to the 'Stros on the huge win!! #TexasStrong Well deserved and what a great series we got to watch the last few weeks. I can imagine the celebration going on in Houston today and in the weeks to come! It is awesome to know that fellow Texans are supporting as well....