Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question -  Me and my girl have been going out a couple of years and the other day my sister told me  "She ACTS MARRIED TO YOU" when not with you. I was like WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? and what does it matter? My sister said she 'uses your last name and stuff'. She even refers to you as 'my hubby'. Look, it bothers my sister but doesn't bother rme..so no  problem right?   Why is my sister even bringing this up to me?


Here is what the 432 had to say about it?
I lived the reverse side of this one.
If yall have been dating a couple of years, why AREN'T yall married?

Only thing could be your sister is jealous of what ya 2 have.. I been with my man for 15yrs and he tells everyone I'm his wife and his ride or tie...so it doesn't matter what other ppl think or say..as long as yah 2 are happy..y ya!!

It's a good thing she's acting married .. she could be acting single

Sandra Humphries
Mario Juarez fr!

Ray Ray
The fact that's she is acting MARRIED is an awesome thing. He's committed to you and your sister needs to appreciate it! Good women there!

As long as your happy what does it matter. Your sister has some issues not sure what they are but she should not try to take away your happiness and BUTT OUT! Just sayin.

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