Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Me and this guy been out like 5 times and TRUE STORY he has worn the same BLACK shirt for every date. I don't get it. He looks great and smells good, but it literally is the same shirt. Is this just a 'guy' thing. I just want ot REACH OUT and take that damn shirt off and throw it away at this point. LOL. Any suggestions?

This is what the 432 had to say about it?

Kirsten Hungle
He may just own like 7 black shirts, one for each day of the week lol. Knew a girl who did that with black leggings. She had 7 pairs. That is all she wore

Alma Diaz
What does it matter? Maybe the shirt is comfortable and he has 7 others just like it. I too purchase a few shirts that are exactly the same color, size, brand, etc. If he smells good, then who cares, other than you.

Jonathan Moreno
Why she worried about it if she’s having fun an a great time an the dude looks great an smells even better stop complain an women wonder why they single lil nick picking like shut up lol

MaryAlice Flores
Unless he has holes in his shirt, get off the gas! Get over it!
I’m sure he has more than one of the same color. It’s a guy thing.

Ana Torres
Men aren't like us. Their mentality is so different, I'd buy him a new shirt. That way he knows you're tired of black and you got him a gift

Joseph Stephens
If he passes the first date, then obviously you like him more than just his appearance. I dont see a problem ‍♂️

Tessa Rowell
Lol my hubby owns 5 of the exact same shirts. Its probably not the same one...if it is, at least its clean lol. Just ask... "you must like black ".

Mary Gallegos
Well my husband only wears black tshirts and it has to say Harley Davidson on it .So maybe black is his favorite color

Kimberly Boyette
Love the shirt❤️it’s clean right! Can’t love what he loves then you can’t love him even though it’s slightly annoying on the bright side you always know what to wear too black and red... black and white.. y’all will look so cute!

Jonathan Moreno
How she know it’s the same shirt an he don’t have a lot of black shirts

Vanessa Chavez
Someone’s already trying to be controlling Some men have many of the same color, same brand of tshirts ‍♀️

Lupita Marquez-Blanco
Hes mourning....aslong as he don't smell like pits leave him alone

Top Fan
Jacob Garcia
Why you complaining? Don’t you want a loyal man? He’s loyal to that shirt. He’s proving to you he’s loyal.

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