Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question -   My Girlfriend Just Told Me To WORK OUT For This Summer specifically for a vacatioin we are gong on to visit her family in August. Yep, she told me to hit the GYM! I have never worked out and she does all the time and all has been well until this! Um, was I just insulted?

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Luis M Memo
Yes u just got insulted. Happens to some.

Jonjon Djtiny Baeza
They say they want a gordito until they have a gordito 😅😅

Jonathan Moreno
Tell her to learn how to cook so you wouldn’t have to eat out all the time an a lil trail mail don’t hurt plus all the eye candy as far as you can see!!!

Enceladus Soulis
I go to the gym jus for the massage chairs... treat yourself, u deserve it

Kimberly Boyette
No! Now shhh and go to the gym!

Jacob Garcia
Go to Planet Fitness be LUNK get kicked out and say you tried but they kicked you out win- win. Your welcome in advance

Top Fan
Emily Hunt
May be an image of one or more people and text that says 'Me working out from home'

Ricky Barrientes
ay yo. There's lots of ways to get fit with a minimum workout. The main thing about it is being discipline with your diet. Be honest about your diet with yourself. I lost about 50lbs and kept most off by cutting out milk, cereal, ice cream, Debbie snacks, and increased my fruit and vegetable consumption. Cut back massively on red meats, got active, and enjoyed the sauna. Its easy.
Stay away from chips, sodas, candy, all things with high fructose corn syrup. Your body can't process those chemicals and it gets trapped in your body as "fat" like your excuses to go work out and diet properly.




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