Yes, I know that the office printer has been the 'joke' of many for many years now.  Does any office printer work for anybody 'all the time'. i would guess not, but ours is really getting on the nerve. Do you encounter these issues listed below?

Aye Aye Images
Aye Aye Images

1) It never works.

2) There is always an error.

3) Paper is jammed!

4) My laptop can't connect to the printer.

5) It doesn't have an ink cartridge that is full.

6) It printed, but not right it's landscape not letter formatted!

7) It only printed 3 pages instead of all 7!

Wow, it really can be a pain in  the booty! This week, the office printer and myself are not friends. okay, just had to get that off my chest.Now, I must go try to print something.