Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Um, just caught my man looking up 'Astrological Signs Your Compatible With' . And mine was not one of them. I laughed it off, but WHY IS HE LOOKING UP THAT ISH? ......
This morning we tackled this. Do you even know what your spouses sign is? And, does it matter? Today's buzz question makes you wonder why he was really looking this up.

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Todd Payne
Omg all of you are trippin. Maybe he jus likes to read what hilarious stuff comes across that it’s never the same crap. Wait a while and one day it will say u r. So what’s the problem??
· Reply · · 11h
Chuy Gavaldon
Maybe someone asked him to check. His buddy and a girl he met. You can't make assumptions just like that. ‍♂️ ‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️
· Reply · · 19h

Top Fan
Ana Torres
That’s a bit much. He def is interested in someone who’s not you
· Reply · · 22h
Eric Holguin
New year new boo
· Reply · · 22h
Albert Tarango
Because covid got people doing ....just cause they bored
· Reply · · 22h · Edited
Cisco Castillo
· Reply · · 22h
Jennifer Lee Sanchez
Why not ask ?
· Reply · · 22h
Lupita Rosales
It’s okay
· Reply · · 20h
Ricky Barrientes
When you hit the curb in your car and said oops, Im such a thesaurus"
He wanted to see if yall had a future or not.

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