Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Okay, I've noticed something about my lady. Every time she goes out on a GIRLS NIGHT or GIRLS LUNCH, she gets all DOLLED UP. She dresses up from head to toe YET when we go out it's not all that. Um, is my wife the only one to do that and why do they OVERDRESS when going out with the ladies?

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If she tries to get hit on she could tell them she’s takin... your winning my dude

Women do not dress up for men. We dress up for other women

Very true, your wife is not dressing up for you she is dressing up for her friends and other ladies.
It's common and it's a way for her to feel good about herself and gives her a reason to dress up a bit. You can compliment her and next time you go out tell her that you would like her to dress up like she does when she goes out with the ladies. I bet she would love the compliment and start dressing up for you a little more.

Ray Ray
Dude, do not hate on this, just know that she is happy when she does this and it makes her feel good.

Props to your wife for doing what she wants and dressing up whenever she wants! I'm sure she looks forward to this nights with the girls. Good for her. Hope she continues.

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