Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Why Does My Man's Female Co-Worker Always Ask Him To Be In Selfies? I've noticed many times when she post selfies form work she has my man in them. Sometimes with a couple of co-workers, sometimes just him. He said she is the WORK 'Selfie Queen' and she puts everybody in those pics.   I said that's CUTE...stop it! Right?

Here is what the 432 had to say about it?


I would make comments like, isn't my husband / boyfriend soo handsome. Something that makes it clear. But subtle not to be jealous or toxic.


Yeah this has caused the loss of employees, relationships and investors before.

Does he choose to take the selfies or does she do it on a whim? You know he can always say "No thank you, I rather work."


I would so comment. Like love how my husband is supposed to be working but is taking selfies! Dang guess I’m gonna have to start charging for having my husband in your selfies all the time. Girl if it bothers you don’t stay quite tell that girl something. Or start taking selfies with a king of selfies ‍♀️


Date a truck driver, we don't take selfies just pics of random stuff we see

Jacob Garcia
Say cheese

Ray Ray
Don't come down on your man for this. He's just trying to be a 'team player'. You know, be part of the crew up where he works. There is no har in a selfie unless he isn't wearing any clothes. LOL Just being honest.

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