If you could pick anyone to narrate your life who would it be? The only rule is you don't get to pick someone crazy obvious like Morgan Freeman or Samuel L. Jackson. Really take some time and think about the perfect person to narrate the train wreck that is your life. Personally, it's a really hard choice but here are a few honorable mentions.

Remember the sound effects guy from Police Academy? Yeah, I can totes see him getting the job done. You have GOT to see this insane video of him being the lead guitar in a song along with an actual guitar.

How about Bobcat? You can't understand a thing he says but that's kind of the beauty of it.

The guy from 300?

but I think Katt Williams would do the best job for my life. You can't beat his crazy analogies and insane view on things. Warning for people who don't care for strong language: This is a video of Katt Williams...Nuff Said