It's official, school is back in session for Odessa/Midland and surrounding areas! As a mom, I know how hard it is to get back into that routine. Mommin' ain't easy and especially when it comes to coordinating your schedule with your kiddos. 

Be real, drop off and pick up at your kids school is brutal. I think next semester I will have finally figured it out, fingers crossed. lol Which would you say is tougher to deal with....dropping off the kids at school or pick up after? I would say without a doubt, dropping off. It's like get them fed, out the door but not too early or too late, then be careful of school zone speed limits, then account for traffic and do I drop them off at this door or that and is the person in front of me feeding their kid breakfast in the car so you have to sit and wait for them to finish.....OMG I can't! You feel me? 

Which do you struggle with more?

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