So yeah apparently June and July flew by and it is almost time for school to start again. Geez where did the time go? I feel like we were just doing all the 'end-of-school' stuff and here I am shopping for school clothes and downloading school supply lists so we can start all over again. I did that this morning as a matter of fact. Check out my kids school supply list:


Umm is it just me or do our kids need double the amount of school supplies now than I did as a grade schooler? If you would have told my momma back in the day that she would have had to buy little Rebecca 36 #2 pencils, crayons, markers AND map colors, folders....1 each color of the rainbow and sharpies and yellow highlighters, she would have said, 'ha that's cute you get pencils and paper, have a great school year!' lol

And the worst part of all, my kid uses half of the items on this list, needs extra halfway through the school year of certain items, then brings it ALL back home in May when school ends. I am pretty sure that for the first time ever, we will be reusing some of the things on this list from last year.

School supply lists these days are insane! I have a teen now. When I was in high school, I think I literally started school with a notebook, some paper and pencils. (not mechanical because those were 'too expensive') My teen's supply list is just as long as my little elementary kiddo's.

Good luck to all you parents! I will see you real soon, strolling the aisles, completely lost searching for every.little.thing on these lists. Here's to another great start to the school year!
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