school supplies

I Can Never Find These This Time Of Year Grrrr!
I went yesterday to buy my kids school supplies. Seriously. Every year, even though I tell myself I'm going to get a head start, I do not and I end up frustrated at the store, going up and down every single aisle like other parents, mad as all get out because they…
The Rainbow Room Collecting School Supplies
The Rainbow Room in conjunction with First Basin Credit Unions across the Permian Basin are collecting school supplies for Foster Children in the area.  The Rainbow Room is 'an emergency resource room located in the CPS offices that provides necessities for children and families who have b…
things i hate
The struggle is real y'all. Now that school is just days away for most, we are scrambling to get our little ones ready for their first day. One of the biggest headaches, arguably is shopping for school supplies. I do not think I have ever found everything on the 'school supply list' i…
help needed tonight
Midland West Side Lions Club needs our help in a big way! And as a matter of fact, that help is needed TONIGHT! Do you have some time or maybe have teens at home that can help out by volunteering to help pack 1,000 bags of school supplies?
Harmony Home Taking School Supply Donations-Get Info Here
It is that time of year again, school will start in a few short weeks and I'm sure you've noticed school supplies in stores already. Many of us have already started buying them for the school aged children in our lives and my suggestion is this, why not grab a little extra for our friends …
school supplies
School starts for most on Monday and having been shopping for school supplies this week, I'm sad to say that our kids don't need or use several things that we used back in the day. The one thing that stands out for me? The Trapper Keeper! I used to love to carry my little notebook around.
school supplies
'You're killin me smalls!' #thestruggle It is real when shopping for school supplies. I seriously attempted this yesterday. If you're like me, you know that every new school year will be an adventure when you get that school supply list. lol