I went yesterday to buy my kids school supplies. My.least.favorite.thing.to.do. Seriously. Every year, even though I tell myself I'm going to get a head start, I do not and I end up frustrated at the store, going up and down every single aisle like other parents, mad as all get out because they never have what I'm looking for! Smh.

In this case it was folders. Is ANYONE ever able to find the 2 green, 2 red, 2 yellow, 2 blue folders our kids are supposed to have in one place? With brads, with pockets! Or are you like me driving everywhere only to find each color at a different store? By the way 'Karen' spare me your judgemental, 'that's why I bought my kids stuff online' nonsense because I don't want to hear it! School supply list=stress. Am I right?

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