Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - What's Something Besides an Alarm Clock That Will Wake You Up?
You know there are so many different things that could WAKE you up! But, what might wake you up will NOT wake up someone else.

Here is what the 432 had to say about it?

Remembering I forgot to drop off ranch dressing to a table! (from my restaurant days)

My fiance' getting up to do ANYTHING. Going to the bathroom

The Garbage TRUCK...Really, you gonna do the TRASH at 6am!

Neighbors dog! Barks 24/7 🙄🙄


5am alarm to go to work won't wake me up, but 5am internal clock knowing I'm going fishing will.


The sound of my cat puking after eating something he shouldn't have been


My dog Deuce

My kids whispering "mama, mama, tengo hambre


Currently my unborn baby. He seems to want me awake by 4:48am 😴


My wife screaming at me because I'm fat and I drink so I snore like a hibernating bear with Tourettes.

Kirsten Hungle
Dogs in kennels…. Cat purring and walking all over me at 5 am lol…. Cat puking … the wind

Rick Vega
My own fart


Or last night the dang helicopter 🚁


Her husband getting home.

Ray Ray
My wife'ss cold feet. Dang, she got them CLAWS all on me, feel like I'm in a dream with a HAWk!

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