WHERE THE HELL DID MY JUMBURRITO GO!?! It's gone. Like that house from Poltergeist gone. No doors, no windows, no salsa, not even a stray tortilla. Someone call the police!

This weekend I realized that I had a mean craving for Jumburrrito"s delicious potato egg and cheese breakfast burritos. I eat Jumburrito over by my office all the time for lunch but it's been a fat minute since I had their breakfast. I never go to the one by my house but DAMN I didn't think it had been that long since I had been there. It wasn't just closed. The entire building was 100% gone. I pulled in the parking lot and thought I had dementia for a second. I was so thrown off I asked myself what year it was then looked in the mirror to make sure I hadn't slept like 40 years only to wake up to a senseless world where Jumburritos don't exist and the human race has been plunged into madness as a result.

Does ANYONE know when this thing is supposed to be rebuilt?

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