My biggest motivation for having my procedure done with the Medical Spa of Midland was my oldest son graduating from highschool this year. When I first met with Dr.Syed, (who did my procedure) my exact words were, 'I want to look like a hot momma for my son's graduation, smaller waist, bigger boobs!'

Since Dr.Syed's expertise is body sculpting, I wanted quick results and I wanted an hourglass figure...and if the comments that so many kind people have made are any indication, I would say the surgery was successfull! 

In case some are not aware yet, I did have invasive surgery about a month and a half ago. Laser with ultrasound liposuction and fat transfer. I chose to have the fat transferred to my chest, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO. Many have asked, what if I just want the fat removed and thrown away? No problem. Do it! And while we are on the subject, there are several areas you may not even realize you can have the fat removed from:



thighs/inner thighs





love handles


Whichever are your 'problem areas,' sit down and talk to Dr.Syed and he can help you! Summer is right around the corner, which means vacations, trips to the lake, hanging out by the pool, so why not get summer bod ready? Schedule a free, no obligation consulation with the awesome peeps at Medical Spa of Midland. I love, love, love my results and I have no doubt that you would too!