I have documented my journey with the new Medical Spa of Midland and the procedures I had done about a month ago. It has been fun keeping you updated on my progress and the fact that I am thrilled with my results! I felt the need to share something fun this go round. Since I never really blossomed in the 'fun bag' department, I am discovering new things about my new rack. lol 

Just today in the office at our weekly meeting, lunch was brought in and as I'm munching away, a couple of chip and sandwich crumbs dropped down my shirt. Well that's a problem I've never had before! lol Come to think of it, last time I went to the movies, the same thing happened with popcorn. And then when I eat crackers....wow! What a great 'problem' to have. Where my ladies with the flat chests like I USED to have at? Give the Medical Spa of Midland a call today for your free, no obligation consultation, (432)689-6300.

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