The new Medical Spa of Midland is my new favorite place apparently, because I just can't stay away! lol By now everyone knows that I had breast augmentation (boob job) and a full tummy tuck. Best.thing.ever. I could not be happier with my results, truthfully. 

Today is exactly 2 weeks since I had my procedures done and I am recovering. Honestly, that may be the ONLY bad part, as with any invasive procedure, the 'recovery phase.' I cannot say it's a cake walk but it is definitely something I expected. I cannot say that I didn't see it coming because I was very well-informed and prepared by my friends at the Medical Spa. So, I am dealing with it and will be 100 in no time!

Let me tell you, the good far out weighs the bad! I spoke to a lady the other day who is interested in a full 'mommy makeover,' which Medical Spa DOES do and she said her reasoning is that she is done having children, she wants her self-confidence back and it's time she do something for herself for a change! BOOM! Done deal. I told her to go for it, because that is exactly why I did it! Make the call, find out if the new Medical Spa of Midland has something that you are interested in doing and set up your free, no obligation consulation today at (432)689-6300. Also, ask about CareCredit.

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