It has been three weeks now since my procedures with the New Medical Spa of Midland. I had a breast augmentation and full tummy tuck and I have to say I am so very happy I was able to have it done here locally with Dr. Jeff Durgin.

I had a friend say she was considering going to Lubbock and one that wants to travel all the way to Houston. My question is why? Why would you want to travel when we have this amazing Dr. here, who does various procedures? Here are my top 5 reasons for staying local and having a tummy tuck or a breast augmentation or reduction, thigh lift or fat transfer or any other procedures Dr. Durgin does:

  • the short drive home to begin recovery
  • follow up appointments are minutes away as opposed to miles
  • more affordable
  • any issues or concerns arise, the Dr. is around the corner
  • more one on one time with the Dr. as opposed to a bigger, busier city

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