Rebecca's procedure

med spa procedure
My biggest motivation for having my procedure done with the Medical Spa of Midland was my oldest son graduating from highschool this year. When I first met with Dr.Syed, (who did my procedure) my exact words were, 'I want to look like a hot momma for my son's graduation, smaller waist, big…
Update And Video On Rebecca’s Procedure
I promised to keep you updated on my progress with the procedure, laser with ultrasound liposuction that I had done with the Medical Spa of Midland and I have an update. I am 3 weeks post op, still some swelling, soreness and I have begun endermology treatments.
By now I think people know that 2 weeks ago I had a procedure called laser with ultrasound liposuction and fat transfer. Layman's terms...took the fat from my abdomen, (I've had 3 children) so like the 'spare tire' area, bra line, back fat and a little off my hips and transferred to my chest. I am c…