By now I think people know that 2 weeks ago I had a procedure called laser with ultrasound liposuction and fat transfer. Layman's terms...took the fat from my abdomen, (I've had 3 children) so like the 'spare tire' area, bra line, back fat and a little off my hips and transferred to my chest. I am currently in the recovery phase and will be for however long my body decides it will take to heal. Everyone is different

I decided to answer some FAQ's of friends and listeners who may be interested in doing what I did:

Was your procedure painful?

  • I will tell you it was not painless. Obviously my body went through some 'surgical trauma' but again everyone is different, we all have different pain tolerance. 

Were you knocked out completely?

  • what the Dr. gave me was local anesthesia and numbed the area with Lidocaine that was to be liposuctioned. Therefore I was under what is considered 'conscious sedation' I don't remember alot of the procedure but I did still need to be somewhat conscious so that I could turn on my side and whatnot. 

Do you get immediate results?

  • Absolutely! Day 1 I was super impressed with my chest and flat stomach! However, then the bruising and swelling kick in and that 'instant result' is gone temporarily until I am 100% healed. 

What stage are you in now and what is this thing I hear you talk about on the radio, that you HAVE to wear?

  •  I am very much in the healing phase. Swelling, bruising, some discomfort and my sutures have been taken out. I am currently experiencing what is called 'hardening of the tissue' which is perfectly normal and Endermology (massage) treatments will begin to soften those areas. 
  • I am also wearing what is called a compression undergarment for forming and support and will continue to wear for possible another week. 


SIDE NOTE: I absolutely recommend doing what I did to women and men of all shapes and sizes! Seeing the immediate results and picturing what I will be when I am all healed will be even more worth it.


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