I'm gonna be honest with you guys. I DID NOT like Post Malone when I first heard and saw him. I kinda thought White Iverson was boring and slow, then when I looked him up and saw what I can only describe as an ugly goose egg with a grill, I didn't like him even more.


The very first video I saw of him just talking, I instantly shut the hell up. The guy is just lovable almost instantly. Musically, the more you hear any of his songs the more you like them. Then on top of all that, the more you learn about him musically and personally the more you want to learn. I love this guy! He's so nice I feel like I owe him an apology for even thinking the horrible things I thought about him at first. Lol he's the kind of guy who's personality shines so much that he could walk up out of nowhere and slap you square in the face and you'd apologize to him for whatever it was you did to offend him.

I'm Chris Brizzown and I'm a Maloneaholic.

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