Ever wonder how a salvage yard works when you need a part for your car or truck.

Wrench-A-Part locations have over nine thousand salvage vehicles in stock, and add hundreds of fresh parts-vehicles each week to supply all of your used auto parts needs. All of the Wrench-A-Part facilities offer state-of-the-art, modern self-service auto parts like no other facility does in Texas.

When entering the locations, they have a receptionist that will provide you with a printout showing all vehicles at our location that match your auto parts needs. Then, you get to it and take the parts you need.

They will also provide you with a map and a price list that will simplify your parts shopping experience. Customers must bring their own tools and pull their own parts.

Wrench-A-Part provides wheelbarrows, wagons, and Engine Pulling A-Frames for customers FREE OF CHARGE. All parts-vehicles are up on wheel stands and provide free access to any parts the customer may need. Bring your tools, PICK your parts, and PULL off a great deal!

Lubbock wrench apart
Lubbock wrench apart

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