Ummm I thought Megan Thee Stallion said this was supposed to be a 'hot girl summer?' Someone forgot to pass those lyrics on to Mother Nature! lol This summer has been anything but hot. We have had more rainy days and temps below average this summer than any summer I can remember. 

Leo and I had this conversation this morning and we were thinking about how many days total have truly been above the 100 degree mark? Leo thinks it may be a total of about a week and I agree. That is so not typical here in West Texas.

If you are a transplant, let me assure you this is NOT the norm. It rarely rains in West Texas and damn sure not during the summer! I haven't even had a chance to get a good sunburn this year. lol Heck, we tried to float the river one day during our summer vacation, a tradition during the summer here in was 83 degrees and floating was closed because of all the recent rain. I mean what is going on?

I may have complained over the years about my leather seats burning my thighs on a 108 degree day, or that I showered then stepped outside and am drenched in sweat again or better yet turned the AC below 70 for half of the summer because it's hotter than hell outside but I'm here to say I take it all back!

I'm not used to this unusual weather and quite frankly it is starting to scare me a bit. I'll take triple digit dry heat here in West Texas any day over the unpredictability we've had lately! I don't even own an umbrella and I'm not trying to buy one anytime soon either.
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