I could probably name 10 reasons off the top of my head why you should move to Texas. Having been born and raised here, I am obviously biased but I love it here. I wouldn't think there would be anything bad about living in our Lone Star state, but those not familiar with the second-largest state in the country might beg to differ. Including this guy. I came across his YouTube video where he lists reasons why you would not want to move here.

At first, I was ready to come to Texas's defense but then the more I watched the video I thought well he's not wrong? lol


*This gentleman via the VIPRealtyTexasRealEstate YouTube page pointed out that the landscape may be an issue for some. I mean especially where we live here in West Texas, you get flat, dry land. Can you handle it? We hear time and time again visitors complain about it, so maybe not.

*the Cowboy way-specifically the way some dress here in Texas. I think this may be more personal preference. Tbh, I cannot remember the last time I wore cowboy boots and starched jeans and I've never worn a cowboy hat? Come to think of it, I know maybe 1 or 2 in my circle that actually do.

*HEAT/HUMIDITY-I tell you, this gentleman who states that he 'has lived in Texas his whole life' gets it. He knows very well how the triple-digit heat is not for everyone. And while we may not have to deal with the humidity here in West Texas, the bigger cities in Texas know it all too well.

*(I'll add a couple of my own)-travel. Especially for those of us in West Texas, want something fun to do for the weekend? Expect at least a 4 to 5-hour drive. All the fun stuff happens in the Metroplex, H-Town, Austin, or Hill Country. Water, entertainment, fun in general, unless you live in those areas, you will have to plan a weekend getaway.

*severe weather-in some parts of Texas, the weather is no joke! We are known for tornadoes during bad weather season, along with hurricanes, flooding and severe thunderstorms. If unpredictable weather is not your thing, then moving to Texas may be a big nope for you!

Side note on the severe weather situation, case in point, the dust storm that blew through earlier this week randomly. It was not in the forecast, it was not predicted, no one saw it coming. It came, it blew it conquered covering the outside AND inside of my car with dirt! lol Check out this article with photos and video submitted by B93 listeners about the great West Texas dust storm of June 2022.


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