It's about that time! Hot temps call for cold drinks! That is exactly why we will be hanging out with our friends from Dino's Sweets this Friday in Odessa. How yummy does this snow cone look? Dino's does not play! One of my favorite ways to cool down on a hot, summer day is exactly what you see in this photo, with a snow cone, totally reminds me of when I was a kid. 

Dino's Sweets is located at 3720 N. Moss in Odessa and offer a variety of cold treats. The menu is insane with options. Check out all that they offer:


  • vanilla, strawberry, oreo, mango

Ice cream-

  • vanilla, strawberry, butter pecan, coffee, cookies n cream, milk chocolate, milk chocolate chip, rainbow, orange sherbet

Snow cones-

  • apple, banana, blue coconut, blue cotton candy, cherry, lemon lime, mango, peach, pickle, pina colada, pink cotton candy, raptor's blood, strawberry, watermelon

B93 will be live from 5-7 pm this Friday the 30th at Dino's Sweets, so we invite you to join us for an awesome treat and also if you can, donate blood. Dino's will be having a blood drive this Friday while we are live.

Once you have picked up the kids from school and are done with work for the weekend, treat yourself and the kiddos to some ice cream, a smoothie, a shake or a snow cone.

We will see you this Friday at Dino Sweet's from 5-7 pm at 3720 N Moss in Odessa.

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