So I was recently on a couple of flights over the holidays and quickly realized why IT.IS.IMPORTANT. to never forget your headphones at home if you plan to 'fly the friendly skies.' On one of said flights I had to sit and listen to 3 grown dudes behind me chat like little girls the entire flight. I now know who they all are either dating, interested in, hooked up with and have their eye on in the new year. No lie!

I seriously was not trying to be nosy, trust, I normally fall asleep on every flight but this was unavoidable. I couldn't sleep. So I snacked on my pretzels, complimentary drink and listened as they spoke loudly, the whole time. Plus one of them had a very distinct, loud, raspy voice. lol Anyway, it was entertaining I guess to say the least. What do you do on a flight?

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