Recently I tried a weighted blanket because I was told it would help me sleep better and I have to say after trying it for two nights I have never felt worse! In my personal experience it was annoying having weight on me as I tried to sleep and couldn't even toss or turn to find the right position, I was just automatically trapped. So are these weighted blankets a gimmick or do they actually help people, that are not me, sleep better?

According to the Sleep Foundation website weighted blankets can actually help some people who suffer from insomnia, anxiety, and even autism fall asleep, some people is the key word. The weight from the blanket is suppose to induce a feeling of calm due to the even balanced pressure and is event said to be like when a newborn is swaddled. I think I might be broken or I was just thrown around as a baby because I could not handle the pressure of the blanket, could be the constant panic.

The deep pressure stimulation that these blankets are said to help induce is also supposed to help with the production of serotonin in the body, reduce stress, and increase melatonin. I think I might just stick to the gummy candy version of melatonin, less of a morning workout.

Weighted blankets are relatively safe as long as the person using them can move it without any struggle. There are some weighted blankets marketed towards children and it is advised that those should be used with extreme caution because the child could become trapped. The same goes for anyone with a disability or who is elderly. I think I will have to pass on trying a weighted blanket but let us know if you would use or currently use one (or hate them) in the comments.

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