Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - So one of my CLOSEST FRINEDS is getting married and I wasn't invited! My other friend says she didn't invite a lot of peeps becasue it's a 'destination wedding' and don't take it personal. Um, DO Peeps NOT INVITE friends to destination weddings? Am I missing something here becasue there are people who are going to this wedding.

Here is what the 432 had to say about it....

Jacob Garcia
You must have some dirt on her that she doesn’t want you to spill to her soon to be

Chelsse Samaniego
A friend of mine is having a destination wedding and will only have immediate family. If she did invite friends, talk to her about it and see why you weren’t if you’re that upset

Top Fan
Heather Cadena Fuentes
Sounds like she may not consider you a close friend.

Jennifer L. Garza
I had a destination wedding, I invited everyone, but they had to pay their flight and hotel to be there.

Ricky Barrientes
Ah, I had one of those planned last year.
We invited pretty much whoever, but knew not many would be able to make it.
I'm sure some people had feelings about it being in Vegas, but it wasn't about them.
These things are about the couple getting married.
Shout out to the people who understand that!

Ray Ray
Well, a destination wedding is done for one reason, to get away and spend time with the one they love. Destination Weddings are intimate events., Don't take it persoannel if you dont get invited.

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