We got some much needed rain overnight and I'm super grateful for that but boy did I have to pay the price this morning! When I woke up at 4:30ish a.m. we had no power in our house, therefore I learned a couple of things real quick about not having electricity when you're trying to get ready for work:

  1. cell phones make a great flashlight, especially when you are trying to shower
  2. I do NOT own a flash light and I have no idea why?
  3. irons and blow dryer's do NOT work no matter how many times you plug and unplug
  4. I need candles for all holidays and birthdays from this day forward
  5. it is important to get up, get showered and out the door as quickly as possible because it gets real HOT real fast with no electricity lol

From what I can remember, in my adult life I have not had a power outage that lasted as long as it did this morning, apparently or I would have been better prepared! Were you without electricity this morning?