Don't just glance at this shirt thinking I'm reppin' a classic rock band from the 70's. 1870's maybe. This may possibly the ultimate nerd shirt. To understand why this shirt is clever, you must first know your history. I'm not even talking school taught American History either. They didn't mention Nikola Tesla when I was in school.

To fill you in on the joke, let me first tell you who the gentlemen on the shirt are. On the left we have possibly the greatest mind in history Nikola Tesla. Every electronic device we enjoy including WiFi we owe to him. To the left we have dirty but cunning businessman Thomas Edison who exploited Tesla and stole many of his genius ideas and designs.

Electricity powers our devices in two currents. AC invented by Nikola Tesla, and DC patented by Thomas Edison. Hence the AC/DC reference. You cant find it at

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