HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all of our B93 peeps! Finally the day for all the dulce you can eat! lol Speaking of candy, I was thinking back to my trick-or-treating days and remember one year fondly. I was probably 8 years old and after covering my neighborhood and a few blocks over, I came home to assess the damage and dumped  my candy on the counter. 

I remember telling my mom that I got a rotten apple! She couldn't believe it, so she came over to look and started laughing at me. It turns out my 'rotten apple' was actually a pomegranite. WTH? I had never heard of one much less tried one and why the heck would someone be so mean and pass this crap out? You talk about a disappointed 8 year old girl. lol Needless to say, that was the WEIRDEST thing I ever received for Halloween! What is yours?

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