Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - I hired a new receptionist about a month ago. She didn't smile a ton during the interview but I thought she was just nervous. It turns out she's not the most welcoming receptionist. Basically, she doesn't smile at all.
I need her to smile more, but in this day and age can I tell her to smile more. I really could use some suggestions of how to talk to her about this and make sure she's greeting people with a smile.. She wears a clear face shield. Suggestions?

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Adrian Estrada
Put a mirror in her workspace
· Reply · · 18h
Rebecca Hernández
Next time put it as a REQUIREMENT
· Reply · · 19h
Kimberly Martinez
How much is the pay? I’ll go work for you and I’m a awesome people person and always smiling. ‍♀️
· Reply · · 20h
Josieandramon Bustos
Just draw a happy face on her face shield. It does make a difference when you walk in and someone is happy it makes my day. But seriously talk with her it is her job to be inviting to people and the face of your company. You have to decide what that … See More
· Reply · · 20h
Sally Urquidi
Put a cutesy sign on her desk facing her that says Don’t forget to Smile
· Reply · · 21h
Robin Arthur Aguirre
Your the one who hired her so you need to step into these conversations with people. Tell her that she’s doing a great job but as a receptionist she’s the first impression that people get when entering. Encourage her. But at the end of the day you need… See More
· Reply · · 21h · Edited
Albert Tarango
Give her a coffee mug with a on it. If she doesn't start smiling after that fire her!!!
· Reply · · 21h
Robert Brown
I have a solution, but it involves heavy narcotics, and a blow dart.
· Reply · · 21h
Mario Juarez
I don't think anyone smiles when they go to work ... I know I'm not happy to be there .....‍♂️
· Reply · · 21h
Maxine Barriga
You answered your own question ... greet ppl with a smile.
· Reply · · 21h
Jacob Healy
give her compliments once in a while see if that works compliments go ways
· Reply · · 20h
Jim Carabajal
· Reply · · 21h
Caelan Herrschaft
Hire me instead
· Reply · · 21h
Tessa Rowell
Maybe shes insecure about her teeth.

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