Duuuuuuuude! Please tell me you guys are as happy with this jam as I am. This song is fire.


Lol and all you guys who think you're the only ones on planet earth who have heard music that doesn't come on the radio, please don't bombard me with links to other artists who you think are better or Tech N9ne songs that didn't get air play. Lol I assure you that just because I'm a radio personality, I'm aware and enjoy underground music of every genre. I made a career out of loving music broseph. I assure you, you and I could bro out for hours exchanging music. You want some crazy stuff that doesn't get airplay but you should definitely be listening to? Die Antwoord. Nuff Said.

My point is, lets all take a little time to enjoy and appreciate the fact that a talented artist like Tech is getting heavy air play. Nothing makes me happier than to see an underground king knock a hit out of the park. Congrats once again to Tech N9ne on his well deserved success. Now lets just sit and wait for the world to figure out that Rittz, Hopsin, and Krizz Kaliko are awesome.