After last week's crazy weather, who needs a car wash? I think all of our cars do. So, I ventured out this Saturday and Sunday to see if any car washes we're rolling and yes all of them were. But, they were crazy busy. I figured they would be. I mean after all the snow , freezing temps, we knew that our cars weren't going to be looking pretty after the past week. So yes, everyone's out getting a car wash. Or, maybe washing their own cars at home . Either way, this is the week for car washes. So, yes I ventured out and found that there were lines everywhere when it came to car washes. But, I was lazy after cleaning up my driveway of snow and Ice last week. I felt like I deserve someone else to wash my car. So, I went looking for a car wash. And, I finally did find one. Thanks Mighty Wash! The lines weren't too bad and they did move along pretty good. Isn't it crazy after crazy winter weather our vechicles need some loving and care. No one wants to drive around in a dirty car. But, why is it that after we have some bad weather we got to get our cars washed? I know for me, I don't like to drive around in a dirty car. And, I understand the bad weather of course is going to make my truck very dirty. It never fails, after crazy weather we're out and about trying to get our vehicles washed. And, you know after the kind of week we had last week, go wash your car your car or truck deserves it.

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