Can I say that our trip to Orlando back in February for our Children's Miracle Network conference was quite an eventful one? We have so many stories to tell, including the one where Leo and I stalked Marie Osmond for almost an entire day. lol Marie is actually one of the co-founders of CMN, so when we found out she was around, we were completely starstruck!

During some of our meetings, Marie would come out and speak to the crowd and we saw her best on a big screen but we were itching for a face-to-face meeting, a selfie, an autograph, anything! So as we are mingling we spot her and literally went to hang out near where she was, in hopes of being noticed....didn't happen.

But you can see in the pic, we were thisclose. Too bad she was busy and didn't even know we existed. lol FYI, she is just as thin and beautiful and ageless in person as you would think and those pearly whites, wow! We still love you Marie Osmond! Have you ever run into a celeb at an airport or in a big city and tried to get their attention?