Picture me doing some grocery shopping, checking out the school supplies as they are all over the shelves and coming across this table of goodies at Wal Mart. My eyes instantly light up when I see anything to do with CMN. It goes without saying that B93 strongly, loudly and proudly support Children's Miracle Network!

I stopped to visit with the nice lady behind the table who would ask anyone who passed if they would like to purchase merchandise in support of our local CMN hospital. I immediately stopped and had a nice chat with her about what Children's Miracle Network means to me, as a blessed mother of 3 healthy children.

I also asked if any of the other Wal Mart stores were selling this CMN to which she said she's not sure, so I should really buy a shirt from her store. I like this lady! FYI, this store is the JBS and 42nd store in Odessa and if you have plans to visit within the next coupld of days, take some cash with you and purchase one or several of the items off of the table. They will only be available through this Saturday. 

All proceeds go to CMN. My friend said that the shirts and bags had sold rather quickly but that there were a few caps and pins left. By the way, when checking out to pay for your items, you will be asked on the screen, if paying with a card, if you would like to round-up for CMN or donate another dollar amount? Give what you can because as we always say, it all helps and makes a difference!

Never pass up an opportunity to help out Medical Center Hospital, your LOCAL CMN hospital please!
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