If you ask most people what they have missed the most in the last year, the answer would probably be interaction with other humans. Being able to get out for a little bit of nightlife and entertainment. Unfortunately, so many things that we took for granted before like concerts, movies and for some even dancing at your favorite local night club are missed. It was announced earlier today that one local favorite activity is coming back this year. 

The Yucca Theater announced that Summer Mummers is coming back 'live and in-person this summer.' According to the MCT relations director, 'she receives calls daily asking when tickets go on sale, when Mummers will begin, when it will end...' and other related inquiries. I mean, who hasn't been to a Summer Mummers production in years past? The show, the popcorn throwing, the time spent with friends has become tradition and I'm sure we can all agree we are ready for it to be back!

According to the public relations director, the Summer Mummers board will meet in the future to discuss social distancing protocol and exactly what types of restrictions will be in place due to COVID.

If you would like to audition, you're in luck! Auditions will take place this Sunday at 3 pm for the melodrama and later that afternoon at 5 pm for the olio. Virtual auditions will be available as well.

Mummers is set to begin on June 4th and run through September 24th, 2021. For more information you can visit their FB page.
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