Cinergy Cinemas Toys For Cops
Our friends with Cinergy Cinemas are doing a great thing this holiday season and they need our help. From now through Wednesday, December 19th, help out the Toys for Cops toy drive and receive a free popcorn or a $10 game card. The toy value is minimum $8.
horrible movies
I saw this poster yesterday at The Tilted Kilt and it brought back not so good memories. Let me explain....this movie, Gangs of New York, is the ONLY movie I hated so much that I walked out in the middle of it in the theater!
What Age Is A Good One To Take Kids To The Movies?
Here is a question for my fellow mommas? When is a good time to introduce our sweet baby girl to movies, as in the movie theater? At 18 months, parents understand where I'm coming from when I say she will watch the heck out of some Dora the Explorer or Sofia the First on tv. lol