I Sure Did Go Watch F9 The Day It Came Out
So yeah I did it. You knew I would. I mean I've been obsessed with Vin Diesel since the Fast franchise first began so why wouldn't I go the day it opened? I've seen every single movie pretty much opening weekend so this one was no different. Also thanks to me, my kids are invested, so…
Summer Mummers Set To Return Live And In Person This Summer
If you ask most people what they have missed the most in the last year, the answer would probably be interaction with other humans. Being able to get out for a little bit of nightlife and entertainment. Unfortunately, so many things that we took for granted before like concerts, movies and for some …
Horrible Movies
I have been watching ALOT of movies lately, I mean when we were all safely staying home, what else was there to do? Some good, some bad but I actually sat through them all which has not always been the case. It made me think back to the ONE movie I walked out of at the movie theater. There literally…
Cinergy Cinemas Toys For Cops
Our friends with Cinergy Cinemas are doing a great thing this holiday season and they need our help. From now through Wednesday, December 19th, help out the Toys for Cops toy drive and receive a free popcorn or a $10 game card. The toy value is minimum $8.
horrible movies
I saw this poster yesterday at The Tilted Kilt and it brought back not so good memories. Let me explain....this movie, Gangs of New York, is the ONLY movie I hated so much that I walked out in the middle of it in the theater!
When To Take Kids to the Movies?
Here is a question for my fellow mommas? When is a good time to introduce our sweet baby girl to movies, as in the movie theater? At 18 months, parents understand where I'm coming from when I say she will watch the heck out of some Dora the Explorer or Sofia the First on tv. lol